Saturday, July 3, 2010


Hi Everyone,
Wow!! The time has gone so fast! The INS class of 2010 all graduated last night, only the 6th group from 40 years with a 100% pass rate. We were all called up in alphabetical order to recieve our certificates, and award winners were left til last. Awards were given for best porfolio of projects, farriery, best continuous assessment of yard work, the john durkan award, academic acheivement, and silver and gold medal.
The John Durkan award is sponsored by the class of 1984 in memory of their classmate John Durkan who passed away in 2003. It is a scholarship for any student to apply for who is wanting to work in the racing industry, as a trainer or jockey. The scholarship gives the winning student the chance to work with Brian Meehan (also an INS graduate) at his Manton training complex.
The night was fantastic, we had many industry legends take their time to come for the evening which was very much appreciated. We did speeches and put together a slide show of our time at the INS and gave out a few presents.
Our whole time here would not have been the same without the wonderful Sally Carroll. Sally was always there when we needed to vent, she always went in to bat for us when we wanted time off for study, she took us to the doctor when we were sick, or up for a cup of coffee if were getting homesick. She was our rock, and I think I speak on behalf of all us when I say we will be forever grateful.
I cant believe its over. Its mixed emotions now, as people are trickling out the door on the way home or to new jobs. 17 young people from all different backgrounds and experiences all chucked into a new environment to work and live together for 6 months is a risk! There are always going to be personality clashes and arguments, but we all agree now that we are one big crazy family, we fight and carry on, but at the end of the day we all love each other! We really have made friends for life and I look forward to the future seeing where we all end up. I know that we will all make an impact on the thoroughbred breeding industry as young people and leaders of the future. Although I am looking forward to coming home, I will miss the INS and I will never forget the time I spent here in 2010,

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