Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Exam

Hi Everyone,
This one is just going to be short and sweet, I dont want to give away too much for next year's scholarship winner! (for now anyway!!) At the end of the course every year there is the major exam. The exam is meant to cover everything we have learnt throughout the year, from our lecturers, yard work, stud and racing yard tours, and races we have watched. And let me tell you it is ALOT! Although a few students studied throughout the year, the last few weeks was very frantic for the majority cramming everything in. We all studied individually, and then once we were starting to get a grip on things we started doing little group studys, testing each other on everything from race winners to the oestrus cycle. As everyone had different strong points it was a great way to retain things. I for one was able to remember from memory 28 major race winners, their sire, dam, grandsire and granddam, the race distance (in furlongs, meters and miles), where the race is held, the trainer and the jockey. For me, that was amazing, as I have never had the head for that sort of stuff, its more a boy thing!!
The exam itself was set for 11am on the last Saturday morning. There were 70 multiple choice questions which we had an hour to answer. It covered INS history, racing, breeding, pasture managment, foal care, nutrition, digestive system and upper respiratory system.
Hope you're all well

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