Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I am on my last day of stallions, and have had a very enjoyable week. As the covering barn is "front of house" the whole place must kept clean and tidy at all times. We have to be presentable, the stables have to be presentable and the horses have to be presentable! There is lots of grooming and brasso-ing done in between covers, which occur 4 times a day maximum. Covers are at approx 7am, 11am, 4pm and 8pm. I have been lucky enough to handle all the stallions at some stage during the week, being allowed to take out or bring in from the paddock Jeremy, Amadeous Wolf, Rakti, Verglas & Art Connoissuer. I was also asked to hold Indian Haven and Invincible Spirit while they were having their manes pulled. In the breeding shed our duties as students include holding the mares, holding the foals in the foal pen, or holding the head or tail. Luckily I gained experience in the covering barn at Swettenham Stud prior to coming to the INS, and it has helped me greatly. Although back home we dont have to hold the foals during the cover, and this is a job that requires strength and the ability to sustain a few kicks, bites and hooves on the head! I highly recommend getting as much experience as you can by getting involved in as many aspects of the stud workings as possible. At the end of the day experience and making mistakes is the only way to learn!
Hope all is well

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